This open–air concert was first performed in Linz and subsequently in Vilnius when both cities were designated European Capitals of Culture in 2009.

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“No Mercy for Strings”

Nomercyforstrings 030 klein

True musicians through and through, “no mercy for strings” play with intense dedication, producing music which sends chills down your spine and directly hits both heart and brain.  The “Spring String Quartet” shatters all clichés commonly associated with strings.

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Kurs Slowenien 2014

Flute playing cannot really be invented anew, but sometimes it might be quite helpful to approach a problem from a different angle

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George Crumb Trio


Besides the classic trio repertoire, the George Crumb Trio, formed in 1992 has devoted itself in particular to contemporary music. The combination of woodwind, strings and piano allows for a wide range of timbre.

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Recording Producer

CD-Aufnahme 020

Support with CD and Demo productions

It is important for musicians to find a partner they can trust for recordings so that they can play freely in front of the micropho

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