The ensemble Oyun is made up of musicians from Serbia, Turkey, and Austria.

In addition to its own compositions, the ensemble has set itself the task of interpreting songs from a wide variety of cultures. The focus is on the Balkans and the Oriental world, be it Arab countries or Israel. Likewise, Old Music determines the repertoire, so Sephardic songs from the Middle Ages (Jewish songs from the Oriental or Spanish region) have been lovingly arranged. And of course, the Roma culture of the Balkan region has not been. neglected either.



The ensemble OYUN does not want to replay existing folklore songs, but rather reinterpret them in a unique way, looking into the “soul” of the songs and giving them a new expression through their interpretation. At that, no restrictions regarding “style” are considered. That’s why the arrangements of the ensemble contain classical, jazzy, folkloristic and experimental elements, equally.

This is also where the name was derived, because OYUN in Arabic means “eyes”, which are known to be mirrors of the soul. In Turkish, the term means “play” and playful, and the ensemble also wants their music to be understood communicating with the audience.

It is also significant that people in the Orient shout “Ya Ayni” (my eye) when they are moved by a musical passage that has touched their soul.



The ensemble is made up of:
Sanja Zivkovic, Vocals
Norbert Girlinger, Flutes
Bilge Kaan Kuş, Guitar / Vocals
BenjaminLampert, Bass
Gerhard Reiter, Percussion