About me


My world of music is intrinsically tied to the flute.

My classical roots have branched out in the course of time. Under “Projects” you will find the rather wide-ranging fields of activity that I am covering at present.


In search of a new sound quality I have experimented with a lot of different materials and, as a result, began to use a cylindrical wooden flute, which is rarely used nowadays. I am presumably the only flutist worldwide whose instruments – from bass flute to piccolo – are exclusively handcrafted in wood.


My work was most significantly influenced by my teacher Wolfgang Schulz (University of Vienna), my long standing musical partners, and last, but not least, by my students.


After completing diverse courses of studies I have been teaching flute at the Anton Bruckner University Linz since 1989.


Born 1962, I now live outside urban areas and enjoy the invaluable impressions nature can provide for both my life and my music.